BE THE SPEAKER THAT PEOPLE WANT TO LISTEN TO THREE TIPS ON ACING YOUR NEXT PRESENTATION  By Jacqueline Prasai April 3, 2017 Giving presentations can be nerve wrecking no matter how many times you have been through the process. Some people are blessed with public speaking skills others make a worrisome face just thinking about […]

Guest Editorial: The University of Baltimore Peels “Traditional” Label off a University By Jacqueline Prasai March 13, 2017 The University of Baltimore (UB) was founded in 1925 as a private institution for business and law students. Over the years, UB transitioned into a four-year public undergraduate, graduate, and professional university. In 2014, Kurt Schmoke, former […]

Paw Power, Inc. 100 Hull Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 Tide Point Complex   Contact: Sue Spaniel 410.837.6030   BALTIMORE BASED PAW POWER, INC. TO LAUNCH A NEW LINE OF SAFETY DOG COLLARS IN FEBRUARY 2017 MODELS, SEARCHLIGHT AND ROVER, BELIEVE TO OUTSHINE COMPITITERS WITH ADVANCED FEATURES Baltimore, MD, Feb. 16, 2017- Paw Power, Inc, […]

Dear Mr. Berra, Thank you for reaching out to our agency to develop a new campaign that shall promote cruises out of the Port of Baltimore. The Royal Caribbean needs a new spin in order to battle the cruising misconceptions and myths to successfully advertise the port. Initial Reaction and Problems I did some research […]