PR Proposal for Eleine

Public Relations Proposal for Symphonic Metal Band: Eleine

Hello Eleine,
I am a public relations specialist who recently stumbled upon your band and conducted a little research going through your website and social media. Looks like Eleine is a Swedish symphonic metal band that carries modeling and singing under the same umbrella. You have a clear brand value which revolves around the idea of being seductive, stylish, and monumental. I am writing to you as you are the primary founder of the band and thus, wanted to present my suggestions that could help you improve your branding techniques.
Initial Reaction
Although your band emerged just 5 years ago, you have been gaining a lot of popularity and progressing to be a mainstream band. I like how you are fully taking advantage of social media and platforms like Spotify, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn to publicize your work. On top of that, sharing stages with popular bands like Sister Sin, Raubtier and Moonspell has definitely boosted your popularity. If a company does not have abundant online presence these days ,then they would be simply sinking in the dark when it comes to gaining popularity. But that’s not the case here. You are socially involved and doing a good job but from a marketing prospective, you still have some improvements to make. I have listed some problems based on my observation that might hindering your brand reputation.
Social Media
o Imbalance in the number of followers on social media accounts. For instance, Facebook has 14k, Instagram has 6k but Twitter has only 200.
– Lack of deserved followers
o Seems to be based more on a Swedish translation than formal English.
o Biography needs a better diction and organization.
o Picture placement at the gallery needs work.
– Uneven space between the social links and the menu bar.
– Repetition of social links at the bottom
– The picture presentation looks messy due to size variations.
o Outdated model picture of Eleine at the biography as the main page suggests that they have a new uniform.
o The shop needs improvements in terms of currency and usability.
– The manager needs to put in more effort in terms of promotion.
o Lack of promotion overseas.
o More local gigs

I really like how you are so down to earth and engaged with your fans on social media. I know that it’s not possible to reply to all of their comments but doing so from time to time is very beneficial as the fans will feel appreciated. I mainly want to focus on revamping your website and balancing your social media audience. After all, you are what you publish and marketing is more than just advertising. Here’s a brief outlook of my plan
o My main concern is with the biography which needs much work in terms of better diction and organization of the paragraphs. The biography needs to be stronger as it truly defines your identity so I will reformat the whole page. Instead of starting off with who you have performed with, you should be describing who the band really is and how the journey started in the first paragraph.
o Add the new modeling picture of Eleine with the red outfit at the biography page to blend in with the other band members and to present that you have a formal uniform unlike other bands who just wear random outfits while performing.
o The social media buttons are clearly visible at the header of your website so you could remove the links at the bottom of the page to be less repetitive. But, if you choose to have the bottom links, then I shall remove the scroller and have all the options in a straight line instead. The scroller adds on as a distraction.
o Remove every Swedish word (For instance: “svara”, “lokala datum”, “spåra artist” and “har”) and have only English as the primary language in the website. You may add a language translation option for international fans.
o Work on the display of Gallery page so the pictures have equal spacing between them adding a “clean” feel to it. I would prefer a framed screen with a slide show of photos with arrow buttons allowing me to change the pace at my ease.
o The online shop needs to have a back option once someone clicks on the merchandise instead of them having to click outside the pop-up box. It would be nice to scroll on to the next item through the same box.
Social Media
o Add a slideshow of the social media accounts at the end of your videos on YouTube in addition to just limiting to the “description” box.
o Do a shout out of your accounts at the end of the show to make more people follow you.
o I like your current approach of taking pictures at the end of the show with the audience. It encourages them to visit your pages in order to tag themselves.
o The manager is doing a good job but he should be more proficient in finding sponsors, collaborations and venues.
o Performing outside of Europe should be a great priority in order to be mainstream.

I believe that my suggestions will uplift the brand quality of your band Eleine so please do consider them. Feel free to contact me with any questions or clarifications. I hope to hear back from you soon.
Jacqueline Swarajya Prasai
Public Relations Specialist

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