Corporate Communications Analysis

Analyzing House of Ruth Maryland

Initial Reaction

House of Ruth Maryland was founded in 1977 to provide a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and their children. It is recognized as one of the nation’s most comprehensive domestic violence centers. Their vision is that “One day, every woman in Maryland will be safer in her own home.” They help battered women find resources like a lawyer, housing options and counseling.

The primary audiences for this company are women who suffer from domestic violence and their children who are seeking out for help. Apart from the victims, volunteers and donors having an interest in this field would be spending more time on the website, social media pages and newsletter to find out how to get involved.

Positive Highlights

  • The website looks very neat and presents a very calm aura with their choice of colors. One can see the use of shades of blue and purple all through the website. This is a bold choice in terms of designing as people mostly use black.
  • The color choices such a purple, blue and pink are brilliant. A battered woman can be more hopeful just by looking at the website as feelings of power, calmness, peace and mystery are generated by the colors.
  • Among all the menu tabs, “contact us” and “get help” are put upfront which goes along with their message of rescue. One can find all the information about the organization without having to call them and ask unless you are a victim in need.
  • The help hotline is cleverly present in numerous places and a safety alert to clear browser history is posted on the website.
  • The PR team is successfully reflecting how widely the organization is involved in the society. To raise money and receive donation items from the community, the organization hosts a lot of charity and awareness events. The programs are held in wide range of locations from schools to bars. They have a store called Ruth’s Closet which sells new/used upscale clothing and encourages guilt-free shopping as all profits support services and programs for victims of intimate partner violence and their children. One can see the volunteering tabs in several places that encourages community involvement.

Problems with solutions

  • Navigation is easy but there are too many options under each menu item which tends to be confusing. Some of the options are repetitive so revision is necessary. Separate webpages for volunteering and donation tabs can be created and linked in the menu to save space.
  • The newsroom seems to be outdated as the latest post is from July 2016. Over there, we can find a few event videos but nothing more. The “press center” simply states who to contact if one has a media inquiry. The purpose of the newsroom and press center is currently unclear. Fresh content such as success stories should be posted every now and then to seem more informative.
  • In terms of publications, they have a quarterly journal called HouseLine as well as a newsletter but it does not have a fixed timeline. Visitors can subscribe to both by signing up online but the difference of content between the two is unclear. A description of the type of content each would have will be very helpful.
  • When it comes to social media, House of Ruth Maryland is mostly active on Facebook and Twitter but they even have an Instagram and Youtube account. They post a lot of pictures of fundraising events and posts that create awareness about domestic violence. These posts are highly informative but mostly one-sided which limits audience engagement. Hashtags such as #RuthMDVolunteer and #HORMondays can be used to promote certain posts and pictures to create more engagement and content sharing. Thoughtful posts like “How would you recognize a domestic violence victim” will increase the volume of comments.

House of Ruth Maryland is a wonderful organization that is saving lives of thousands of women. However, their website and social media pages could use the suggestions I have provided above for upliftment.



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